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Be safe

Health and safety commitments are the cornerstone of Vivu policy

Be safe

Our commitment to health and safety is the cornerstone of Vivu policy, assuring you and your travellers complete peace of mind when selecting one of our Vivu Journeys. It is crucial that our BeSafe promise to our industry partners is rock solid and that your clients are in safe hands throughout their journeys with us. 

With over 25 years of operational experience in the DMC world, our knowledge of quality control and safety procedures is second to none. Put simply, all our suppliers, including those assets we own ourselves must meet our high standards in order to work with us. Whilst our crisis management procedures are created in-house by our support team, our safety management system ‘BeSafe’ has been designed in conjunction with a world-leading health and safety consultancy and modelled specifically around our own very precise requirements.

 We do not cut corners where safety is concerned and are able to offer the utmost in quality and service without compromising on safety.

The ethos of Vivu Journeys is to care: for the communities we work in, our partners, our travellers and of course our Vivu team members, connecting and inspiring, with thoughts of safety for all at the heart of what we do. 


The Vivu ethos

Every traveller a citizen, everyone a steward, every place a home.

This is the Vivu ethos and how we view the modern-day traveller. Our values encompass everything we stand for and we are delighted to share our world with you.

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