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Local Legend – Amílcar Lourenço (Portugal)

This experience offers a rare glimpse into the life of a professional surfer and bespoke surfboard shaper. Mica, our Local Legend will share stories of his days competing in championships and what it takes to create a bespoke tailor-made surfboard.

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Local Legend Profile

Introducing our Local Legend, Amílcar Lourenço, professional surfer and bespoke surfboard shaper.

Amílcar Lourenço’s story

Amílcar Lourenço known locally as ‘Mica’ grew up by São Lourenço Beach in Ericeira, a beautiful spot in Portugal where the beach is renowned for its surfing and big waves. Growing up beside the sea gave Mica a great feeling of calm and ease with the ocean and from an early age, it became centre stage in his life. As a young boy, Mica’s path into surfing was a natural one.

What started initially as a hobby, progressed at the age of 15 when Mica took a job working for one of Portugal’s most established surfboard factories, earning him enough money to buy his first precious surfboard. His fascination grew rapidly and very soon he became an outstanding surfer, mastering his own fast and polished style. His magic with a surfboard earned him sponsorship deals and championships and before long he was participating in both national and European competitions.

Not content with being a champion with a surfboard at his feet, he followed what he had learnt at a young age and began creating bespoke surfboards by hand. This allowed him to marry both his passions, combining surf with his artistic flair and in 2005 he left professional surfing to set up his own business, custom-making surfboards: Mica Surfboards was born. 

Mica works closely with his clients, monitoring their style in order to create a bespoke handmade board especially for them. The end goal? To maximise their progress as a surfer.

During this meeting with Mica, guests should expect to meet a true Local surfing legend. To hear his stories of growing up by the ocean and becoming a professional surfer as well as marvelling at Mica’s work and learning a little more about the skill of surfboard shaping.


  • Meet and interact with this fascinating Local Legend in the beautiful town of Ericeira
  • Hear his stories of becoming a professional, surfing champion!
  • Learn some of the skills of surfboard shaping and take a look at some of Mica’s work
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Mica says

I am pleased to share my story with you, and I hope you can share my enthusiasm. Giving back something to the place I was born and learned so much from is very fulfilling. Building surfboards is my passion, my love, and my life. It is what I do.