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Local Legend – Cesar Sequeira (Portugal)

This experience tells the love story of a couple who introduced their family wines and estates to the world. Guided by our Local Legend, Cesar Sequeira, you will hear secrets of the Quintas, learn a little about the winemaking process and enjoy the beautiful settings of the Douro valley.

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Local Legend Profile

Introducing our Local Legend, Cesar Sequeira, owner of Quinta de Morrocos family estates.

Cesar Sequeira’s story

Cesar Sequeira was born in 1943 within the region of Régua, Northern Portugal, to a family of wine producers. The Sequeira family ran a collection of family estates (Quinta da Morrocos) surrounded by beautiful vineyards and this was affectionately known as home to Cesar. Life was simple, based around family and community.

Cesar met his sweetheart and late wife Maria Elisa shortly before he first left the family home to complete a PHD in Chemical engineering at London’s Imperial College. Maria Elisa followed Cesar there and remained by his side, encouraging him to follow his dreams and indeed creating her own.

In 1979 Cesar and Maria Elisa took over the running of the family wine business. Until then it had been in the safe hands of his grandfather and uncle. Shortly after, Cesar, inspired by his wife, began the process of certifying the family wines and ports and succeeded in opening their production to Wine Tourism, bringing international prominence to the Douro region. Cesar describes himself as calm but with a love of meeting people and sharing his and his family’s story. It was this love of people and the warm nature of the Portuguese spirit that led to the opening of their home, enabling guests to experience the charm of the family Quintas.

During this experience, guests will hear the story of the family wine estate from Cesar, now run by him and his children. You will sample some delicious wines and share some tasty local dishes prepared by his family. You’ll also learn about the winemaking process itself. During harvest time, you can even try picking the grapes by hand and stomping them by foot.


  • Meet and connect with Cesar and his family and share the story of the family wine estates
  • Sample the family wines and home cooked food and learn a little about the wine making process
  • Be guided around the family Quintas and picturesque vineyards
Cesar Sequeira

Cesar says

I am a storyteller and feel lucky to have a fascinating story to share.

I enjoy our rural life, with no interest in luxury and very little time or talent for technology. Every day I manage to disconnect my mobile phone unintentionally and succeed in the destruction of the settings of the TV.

I love to learn about each person who visits, it allows me the privilege of learning about their culture! I have simple pleasures, reading, writing, family and sharing my children’s home-cooked food. I believe firmly it is possible to grow without losing simplicity and whilst remaining genuine.