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Local Legend – Mrs Thol Chanthou (Cambodia)

Learn the story behind this fascinating tradition of silver engraving in the local Cambodian home of the artist Thol Chanthou.

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Local Legend Profile

Introducing our Local Legend Thol Chantou, skilled silversmith.

Thol Chanthou’s story

Thol Chanthou first learnt the art of engraving silver 30 years ago from her father. Beginning with a simple flower or a local bird it wasn’t long before she progressed to more intricate and complicated designs. This was when it became apparent she was following in her father’s footsteps in becoming one of the finest Silversmiths in the region.

Today, Thol Chanthou lives in Koh Cheng, a small village on the banks of the Tonle Sap Lake. Self-described as initially shy, she explains how she comes alive when engaging with people to share her special craft.

During your meeting with Thol Chanthou, you should expect to hear stories of how her family are the pioneers of copper and silver engraving in the area; how these precious skills have been passed down the family for multiple generations and how proud they are to make a living from this beautiful skill.

You will marvel at her work from the intimate setting of her family home.


  • Admire the exquisite silverwork by Thol Chanthou
  • Hear the stories of a tradition passed down through generations
  • Spend time in a local Cambodian home
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Thol Chanthou says

I hope the guests who visit my house and hear tales of my work will admire my family story of how the skills have been passed down from generation to generation. Also of course, I hope especially that they love my work.