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Local Legend – David Rouland (UK)

David Rouland epitomises what a true Londoner is; join him for an exciting tour of London and uncover the culture, stories and sights of this fascinating city, all from the comfort of a truly British mode of transport – a Black Cab!

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Local Legend Profile

Introducing Local Legend David Rouland, French Black cab driver in London.

David’s story

David Rouland is a French native-cum-Londoner who is delivering guided black cab London city tours with a difference, in both English and French. A vibrant and outgoing character, originally from France, David adopted London as his home in the early nineties after a short holiday in the capital and is now a fully-fledged Londoner. His love affair with this iconic city saw him embrace some wildly exciting opportunities including working as a butler, often to members of the Royal family and discovering some of the capital’s secret spots and stories.

David’s passion for London saw him embarking on the prestigious exam, ‘The Knowledge’, gaining the right to drive his iconic London taxi as well as qualifying as a Westminster guide and now he proudly combines the two, offering a unique experience of touring London from behind-the-scenes in his black cab whilst relaying stories of royalty and city secrets.

During this unique guided city tour, you can expect to discover the diversity of experiences the city has to offer and hear tales of the secrets of London from the perspective of someone who used to serve the British monarchy.


  • His living in London, passing of the ‘Knowledge’ and love of the city makes David a true Londoner
  • Search out the unknown sides of London with native French-speaker David, with tours conducted in both English and French
  • Traverse the city by eco-friendly electric Black Cab as you uncover the many hidden gems of London
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David says

I have a passion for London, its history and culture, and the hidden jewels that so many visitors miss, and I want to share this passion with others. I have learned so much through my experience of working in the city, as a guide and as someone living and working in the city, and I think this gives me a unique story to share.