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Local Legend – John Consterdine (UK)

Understanding clients’ desire for local interaction, John has merged his taxi-driving capabilities and professional tour guiding to create the ultimate Manchester tour experience, all in the comfort of an electric Black Cab – an iconic UK symbol!

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Local Legend Profile

Introducing our Local Legend John Consterdine, professional tour guide and taxi driver, who uses the latest electric Black Cab to provide tours of Manchester with a difference.

John’s story

John is a vibrant, outgoing character with a friendly, respectful, and polite nature; he loves being around people. Always fascinated with his vibrant and exciting city, he began taxi driving many years ago. Then, before the dawn of Sat Nav and GPS he learned to navigate himself around the city and the area of the North West by necessity. Always trying to provide his customers with snippets of information and stories of the city he knows so well, he discovered swiftly how much enjoyment there was in this interaction.

In 2008 he applied successfully to join a tour guiding course, providing the opportunity to become Manchester’s only fully qualified Tour Guide & Taxi Driver.

Guests should expect the whole experience to unravel as a story, sharing tales of how Manchester fits together seamlessly and linking different areas and offerings. Always considering you, the client, he guarantees to ensure you feel part of the experience.

Manchester is an amazing and fascinating city with a history dating back over 2,000 years. Come and discover how the city has grown from Roman Times through the Medieval Period and onto Industrialisation when Manchester became The World’s First Industrial City. Discover how post-industrialisation Manchester has reinvented itself into an important Global City. With a glimpse into the future, this is an experience not to be missed!!


  • A true Manc, John knows his city and has combined his tour guiding and taxi driving abilities to create the ultimate Manchester Taxi Tour
  • Cruise through the city and beyond by electric Black Cab as John regales you with personal and insightful stories of Manchester
  • Get under the skin of this vibrant and advanced city as John shows you the sights only the locals know about
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John says

I take a great pride in my work and in 2013 my efforts were rewarded when I became Manchester Tourism Star of The Year and this led onto National Tourism Superstar of the year in 2014, in which I achieved 4th place and the ambition to win one day.