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Local Legend – Wendy Gallagher (UK)

Wendy, a native of the Causeway Coast, has taken her 25 years in the travel industry and combined this with her love of food to perfectly exhibit the incredible food scene, both on land and at sea, along the Causeway Coast.

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Local Legend Profile

Introducing our Local Legend Wendy Gallagher, delivering bespoke and immersive culinary experiences around the Causeway Coast.

Wendy’s Story

Wendy is a native of the beautiful Causeway Coast, a picturesque coastline on the Northern tip of Northern Ireland. She has worked in the tourism industry for over 25 years and is hugely passionate about her birthplace, its fantastic landscapes, coastline, and the local people. Wendy trained to teach within her industry ‘Travel and Tourism’ and embraced the bustle of her chosen field. In 2016, due to family commitments, she decided to follow her dream of creating a tour business combining her two passions: tourism and food.

By drawing on the qualities of the local fresh produce, warm welcoming culture and great producers and chefs, she has very successfully developed bespoke and immersive culinary experiences around the Causeway Coast. Her biggest challenge was to make a success of her new venture whilst food tourism was in its infancy in Northern Ireland.

The first ‘Coast and Country’ food tour ran in May of 2016 and since then there has been no looking back. For Wendy, it no longer represents a career change but an all-embracing, motivational, lifestyle that provides the privilege of sharing the great stories of the Causeway Coast, its award-winning produce and unspoilt environment with others in a warm and welcoming way.

The ‘Catch and Sea’ experience will provide the opportunity to experience the full cycle from sea fishing to table, utilising the very best local, seasonal produce along the way. Wendy promises to uncover hidden gems & introduce you to authentic people and wonderful storytellers, herself amongst them.

There is a saying; ‘Food for the body is not enough. There must be food for the soul’.


  • See how Wendy has seamlessly combined her passions for tourism and local produce to showcase her beautiful homeland on the Causeway Coast
  • Discover the unspoilt and award-wining produce from the Causeway Coast
  • Get hands-on and catch your breakfast on Wendy’s Catch and Sea experience before dining on your fish of the day
Wendy Gallagher, Local Legend

Wendy says

My journey over the past few years has given me a real sense of accomplishment and pride. I absolutely love the area I have grown up in and feel so proud to share the hidden gems that I have always appreciated. The people, our food heritage, our stories, our landscapes – it is hugely rewarding to see and hear the positive reaction from our visitors as they explore and taste with us.