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Srey Bandaul – Local Legend (Cambodia)

This experience provides the opportunity to meet and interact with this inspirational Cambodian entrepreneur. Hear tales of survival and success as you learn about his life as an artist as well as his pride for the social enterprise he set up to support his fellow budding young Khmer artists.

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Local Legend Profile

Introducing artist, Srey Bandaul, a vibrant, outgoing character with a unique and moving story to share.

Srey Bandaul’s story

His remarkable achievements alone are humbling, yet made more compelling given the details of his challenging past. This really is a wonderful story demonstrating the incredible ability of a human spirit determined to overcome and soar.

Born in 1973 in Battambang, after a harrowing start, Bandaul studied with a French artist from 1987 until 1991, his school was initially located on the Thai border of Phare. Moving locations to Battambang, Bandaul became an art teacher at the school, sharing his passion for drawing, sculpture and painting.

Bandaul was one of the original founders of the Phare Ponleu Selpak, (PPSA) a social enterprise which amongst other achievements saw the rise of the famous Phare circus, an outstanding animal-free contemporary arts performance using theatre, music, and dance to express Cambodian folk stories of past and present. Part of this impressive movement is a school offering an outlet for expression and a brighter future for Cambodian youth.

Bandaul’s talent seems unstoppable and amongst his impressive portfolio, the publication of two books, ‘Looking at Angkor’ and ‘The Land of the Elephants’.

During this fascinating meeting, you might expect an incredible story, an authentic connection and take away memories of an unstoppable creative spirit that, despite all odds, refused to give up.


  • Meet this inspirational character and hear his remarkable story of success
  • Support the foundation that provides a brighter future for Khmer youth
  • Learn further details of the famous Phare circus and its superstars
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Bandaul says

My artwork and my story is unique. I am a Khmer Rouge survivor who has managed to transform my challenging past into a story of success. I grew up surrounded with violence yet I was determined to change my life and not allow this to become me. First and foremost I am an artist, I am also a survivor and I embody peace and expression through my art.