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The Vivu Difference

The vivu difference can be summed up beautifully in these three words: Connect, Control, Create.

Connect Control Create

Vivu creates authentic connections between travellers and the communities they visit.

Vivu Guide School

Through the Vivu Guide School, we are providing opportunities and giving back in the tourism industry.

Our experience

Our handpicked team of travel experts bring to you, our partners, the benefit of their extensive industry knowledge and experience.

Connect Control Create


In today’s busy world there has never been a time where real, authentic connection was more important. We identify with this and our vision for Vivu Journeys is all-around connection. Connecting our travellers with our local communities, creating a collection of authentic community products and experiences that connect people to the real countries they are visiting, connecting our systems with yours, connecting our staff worldwide by living our values of health, kindness and growth.


Our philosophy ‘To build assets and create unique and exclusive products across each Vivu destination’ ensures total control over your travellers’ journeys. This level of ownership brings you, our partners, outstanding service, impeccable safety, imaginative experiences and a partnership built around longevity, trust, mutual growth and friendship.


We are passionate about our destinations, proud of our communities and hungry to show your travellers what it means to travel and live like a local in each of our Vivu destinations.

We own many of our own experiential assets across the countries we work in and are proud to offer these exclusive experiences to our travel partners. These assets form the backbone of our Vivu collection and will continue to evolve and expand.

We are a DMC that creates unique experiences, in-house developed systems and market-leading technology. We are proud of these factors and view this as The Vivu Difference and what sets us apart from other DMC’s.

Vivu Guide School

The Vivu Journeys Guide School will be open to both experienced and new guides and will see courses tailored according to experience. The ethos is simple, to give back to the communities we work in and provide opportunities to their people.

Our guide school will allow guides to learn the Vivu way of guiding and will be pivotal in our purpose of connecting travellers to unique, real and local experiences.

Courses will run from 2020 onwards and will grow in group size and frequency as our business develops. We want to have the best guides in the world and believe the guide school provides a unique way of achieving this whilst bringing career and training opportunities to a wide range of people.

It is a project that epitomises our culture – health, kindness, growth.

Our experience

We may be new to the market in 2020 however we enjoy well over 100 years of collective travel industry experience between us.  This is across the board, not only within DMC’s but in airlines, hotels, tour operators and marketing representation companies.

At Vivu we understand travel and this healthy and strong industry experience brings strong buying power and many further benefits that are passed directly onto you, our partners.

The Vivu ethos

Every traveller a citizen, everyone a steward, every place a home.

This is the Vivu ethos and how we view the modern-day traveller. Our values encompass everything we stand for and we are delighted to share our world with you.

Find out more about our commitment to responsible travel.