Street Life

A collection of unique, local and inspiring experiences.



What is street life? A collection of unique and local experiences, each offering snippets of time spent walking in the shoes of a true local. Expect total immersion, storytelling, and interactive time spent with these Vivu stars who will share tales of their lives and crafts with pride and passion.

Take a street photography masterclass with an award-winning photographer, one of Vivu’s Local Legends.

Visit London’s famous Borough Market, the oldest food market in London, serving food to locals for 1,000 years. Our Local Legend, one of the faces of Borough Market, will take you on a journey sharing tales of fascinating snippets from past and present. Hear tales of his family and their history with oyster farming before learning how to shuck an oyster yourself accompanied with a glass of prosecco. Feel a part of the local community, a riot of colour, smells and sounds.

Visit the Elements Micro Brewery, situated on the outskirts of the beautiful Cotswolds’ town of Burford, the founder will introduce you to the beers on offer with a tasting session and share his inspiring story.

Take a look at a selection of our Street life collection below:


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