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The Vivu Story

Vivu: a beautiful Vietnamese expression meaning to travel with a free spirit

Our founder's story

The inspiring story of Tran Trong Kien – a self-made entrepreneur from humble beginnings in Vietnam

Our latest venture

Vivu Journeys – a fresh and innovative DMC brand with a growing repertoire of destinations.

Vivu destinations

Vivu is starting its journey with launches in the UK, Ireland and Portugal

the vivu ethos

Every traveller a citizen,
everyone a steward,
every place a home.

Our founder’s story – tran Trong Kien

Our founder, Tran Trong Kien came from humble beginnings in Vietnam. A truly inspiring story of a determined and self-made entrepreneur, who funded himself through medical school with various tourism roles.

Successfully trained and practising as a doctor it wasn’t long before he saw that the 1990s in Vietnam represented a period of great opportunity for tourism and a brighter future for himself and his family.

With this, he threw himself into his first business, a DMC dedicated to promoting tourism in Vietnam.

The company soon grew from strength to strength, flourishing under Kien’s passionate leadership and expanding across 11 Asian countries. 


Our latest venture – Vivu Journeys

This success led to an acquisition in 2018 subsequently paving the way for our latest venture, Vivu Journeys.

Since those humble beginnings our parent company TMG was also founded adding to our travel portfolio with a collection of Asian hotels, cruises and airlines.

With Vivu Journeys, we have developed a fresh and innovative new DMC brand but with an incredible wealth of experience behind us.  We are also honoured to be introducing some new destinations into our repertoire.

Vivu in the Uk, Portugal & Ireland

Kien has a natural love of the UK. You could almost say he is an adopted Englishman. His children have all been educated in London and he is a very familiar face in and around Wimbledon where our UK team are based. As his love for the UK is so profound, he has now decided to start promoting the destination!

As well as his love affair with all things British, Kien and his family have also spent many happy times travelling together in Portugal, another country very close to his heart. This has led to the purchase of Portuguese land and a vineyard on which he will develop an experience-based hotel.

For these very personal reasons, Vivu is commencing its journey promoting the United Kingdom, Ireland and Portugal to key, respected travel industry partners. 

We will then be connecting our travel partners with Indochina from July 2020, followed by further global destinations in the future.

The Vivu ethos

Every traveller a citizen, everyone a steward, every place a home.

This is the Vivu ethos and how we view the modern-day traveller. Our values encompass everything we stand for and we are delighted to share our world with you.

Find out more and meet the people behind Vivu Journeys.