7-Day Northern Laos Adventure: Hiking and Biking

Journey Through Kuangsi’s Cascades to Nong Khiaw’s Jungles: Embrace Laos with Hikes, Bikes, and Cultural Insights

Embark on a thrilling 7-day adventure in northern Laos, immersing yourself in the region’s natural beauty and cultural richness. Begin with a hike to the breathtaking Kuangsi Waterfalls, where turquoise pools await amidst lush jungle surroundings. Pedal through the charming streets of Luang Prabang on a biking excursion, exploring ancient temples and bustling markets along the way. Then, venture into the jungle of Nong Khiaw for exhilarating hikes amidst towering cliffs and verdant forests. 


  • Embark on a jungle hike in remote Nong Khiaw to explore picturesque caves. 
  • Cycle through the charming streets of Luang Prabang Town, with a stop to ascend Mount Phousi for stunning views of the Nam Khan River. 
  • Discover the preserved weaving techniques of Ban Sob Chem village. 
  • Hike along hidden trails to reach the cascading waters of Kuangsi Waterfalls. 

Why choose this tour

  • Diverse Experiences: From hiking and cycling to boat rides and cultural explorations, the itinerary offers a variety of activities for a well-rounded experience.
  • Historical and Cultural Insights: Explore historical sites, ancient temples, and learn about Laos’ diverse ethnic groups, enhancing your understanding of the country’s rich heritage.
  • Scenic Beauty: Immerse yourself in the picturesque landscapes of Luang Prabang, Nong Khiaw, and the Nam Ou River, providing a visually stunning backdrop to your journey.
  • Local Crafts and Traditions: Visit villages known for traditional weaving and paper crafting, providing an opportunity to witness and support local craftsmanship.
  • Leisure Time: Enjoy some leisure time in Luang Prabang, allowing you to explore at your own pace or simply relax before your departure.

What is included in the price?

  • 6 Nights at premium hotels
  • Local English-speaking guide providing insights and assistance during transfers and excursions
  • Private airport transfers
  • Admission fees for all mentioned sights and attractions
  • Detailed guidelines for visiting the destinations in the itinerary.

Comprehensive package of excursions

Tour Plan

DAY 1: Arrival Luang Prabang

Upon arrival in Luang Prabang international airport, you’ll be greeted by our tour guide and driver then transfer to your hotel. The rest of the day is free for you to enjoy at your leisure. You can explore Luang Prabang and its array of restaurants and activities or just relax at your hotel.  

DAY 2: Exploring Luang Prabang

Today's adventure includes hiking to Long Lao and Kuangsi Waterfall. We'll drive southeast of Luang Prabang to our starting point at Ban Long Lao village, where we'll explore the Hmong and Khmu communities. Trekking through rice paddies, orchards, and forests, we'll witness the scenic beauty of Luang Prabang's countryside. Along the trail, we'll discover a cave used as a bomb shelter during the Second Indochina War. Afterward, we'll hike for an hour to reach one of Kuang Xi waterfall's springs, featuring a serene pool filled with sacred fish. Following our descent from the waterfall, we'll enjoy a traditional Lao lunch in picturesque surroundings. Spend the afternoon bathing and relaxing by the turquoise pools below the waterfall, with an option to visit the nearby bear conservation center and Kuang Si Butterfly Park, dedicated to studying and preserving Laos butterflies and their habitats. 

DAY 3: Luang Prabang - one-day cycling tour

Discover Luang Prabang's highlights on a one-day cycling tour. Ride through ancient landmarks, leafy back alleys, and bustling markets.  After a brief bike check, pedal to Wat Xieng Thong, a stunning temple near the Mekong and Nam Khan rivers, showcasing intricate mosaics and classic Luang Prabang architecture. Then, head to the former Royal Palace, now the National Museum, housing precious religious and cultural artifacts from the Lang Xang Kingdom.  Continue your journey by cycling to the foot of Phousi Mountain, where a climb up 328 steps reward you with breathtaking panoramic views of the city. Conclude your tour at the Traditional Arts and Ethnology Centre, offering insights into Laos' diverse ethnic minority groups. 

DAY 4: Luang Prabang - Nong Khiaw

This morning, we will depart for Nong Khiaw, nestled along the banks of the Nam Ou River. En route, explore the Tham Phatok caves, once used as shelter during the 1960 civil war bombings. Surrounded by picturesque rice fields, the site exudes a serene beauty.  In the afternoon, indulge in a leisurely stroll to explore the scenic landscapes of Nong khiaw, with its terraced rice plantations stretching as far as the eye can see. 

DAY 5: Exploring Nong Khiaw

In the morning, we'll journey upstream on a traditional boat along the Nam Ou River to reach Muang Ngoi Kao. From there, a 3-kilometer hike will take us to Tham Kong cave, utilized as a shelter during the 1960s Lao civil war. Amidst breathtaking surroundings, we'll explore this historical site.  Afterwards, we'll continue our boat ride to Ban Sob Chem village, renowned for its traditional weaving techniques passed down through generations.   

DAY 6: Exproring Luang Prabang

This morning, you'll visit the sacred Pak Ou caves, where various styles and sizes of Buddha statues are nestled within limestone cliffs. En route, explore Ban Na Gnang village, showcasing the vibrant culture of the Lue ethnic group, one of Laos' numerous ethnic communities. Finally, discover Ban Xang Khong, known as the "paper village," famous for its Sa Paper workshops crafting creations from tree trunk pulp.  In the afternoon, sail along the Mekong River towards Luang Prabang, enjoying picturesque views of daily life and stunning landscapes along the riverbanks. 

DAY 7: Luang Prabang - Departure

Today is at leisure until your airport transfer. 

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