Ho Chi Minh City Highlights

On this tour, visitors will explore a vibrant flower market, historic monuments, iconic landmarks, and a fascinating traditional medicine museum.

Travellers first venture to a famous flower market to meander through the stalls while the guide points out the significance of certain flowers in Vietnam. The group will next head to the Venerable Thich Quant Duc Monument, dedicated to the Buddhist monk who became famous worldwide when he self-immolated in protest of the persecution of Buddhists by the country’s president.

Given Vietnam’s status as the second-largest global coffee producer and the popularity of coffee shops in Vietnamese culture, the tour features a coffee break for the classic Vietnamese filtered coffee with condensed milk.

Well-caffeinated, the tour next visits the quaint Museum of Traditional Vietnamese Medicine & Pharmacy. Here tourists can learn the history of traditional medicine in Vietnam, dating back to the Stone Age, and can see different traditional herbs as well as approximately 3000 artefacts.

Lastly, travellers will stop in the heart of the city to admire Ho Chi Minh’s key sites such as the Central Post Office, Notre Dame Cathedral, and Reunification Palace.

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