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Starting in Pakse, meet your local guide and take a short but scenic cruise on the Mekong River to Champasak. From here, drive to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Wat Phou, a complex of temples built before and to rival Angkor Wat. The complex was built in the 6th century by the Khmers and was originally used to worship the Hindu god of Shiva, before it was converted into a Buddhist temple. After your visit, return to Pakse by road, stopping at Wat Phou Salao en route for spectacular

Visit Tintagel Castle, a dramatically located Cornish castle steeped in history and said to be the birthplace of King Arthur. Cross the spectacular new bridge whilst enjoying the jaw dropping coastal scenery. Walk along the castle ruins to see the statue of Gallos, an ancient king who keeps watch over the seas. Next, visit Merlin’s Cave, said to be the home of the wizard Merlin from the legends of King Arthur. Next, either take the scenic coastal walk, or drive from Tintagel to Bossiney Haven, a small, picturesque cove

This walking tour takes you not just into the Liverpool of popular culture but also deep into the wealth of the incredible architecture found throughout the city. Start inside the Anglican Cathedral, a Gothic masterpiece and the largest cathedral in the UK, for a short tour before heading to the Oratory. Walk onto Rodney Street which is dotted with Grade II listed Georgian terraced houses, including the birthplace of William Gladstone. Visit the mechanics Institute and School of Art, Grade II listed buildings where Paul McCartney and George Harrison attended

Embark on your own private gondola (Kongkear) on the peaceful waters surrounding the Angkor complex as you admire the amazing temple architecture at sunset. Cruise the moat that surrounds Angkor Thom whilst the sun sets, setting the sky a beautiful orange pink colour and be entertained by your private gondolier as you soak up the quaint countryside that surrounds this UNESCO World Heritage site.

Today you will head to a traditional Khmer house known as Khoa Song. The house belongs to the Yi family and has been passed down through three generations. After the Khmer Rouge regime, the Yi family was left with only the elder sister and younger brother. After the Cambodian genocide, both made their way back to their home. The house consists of two buildings, one built in 1890 and the other built in 1907. The house is made of the best quality teak wood and the walls are constructed of

Head to Bakong Village, east of Siem Reap, where you will meet a Khmer family who have adopted organic farming techniques, a new concept to Cambodia, to grow their produce. Meet with the family and understand how they are passing their farming techniques to the next generation. You will enjoy a walk around the village where you can admire the beautiful countryside scenery and observe a more local, simple life. Enjoy lunch with the Khmer family this afternoon with the meal being made up of local organic produce

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