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Responsible Travel

Putting our People, our Planet and our Communities first through Inclusive Tourism

Our responsible travel promise

As a DMC we are committed to curating experiences that encourage travellers to feel and act like citizens when they travel. Our ethos: every place a home


Vivu Journeys connect travellers with local communities through authentic experiences in the destinations they are visiting.

Vivu initiatives

5 key initiatives are baked into every aspect of our business and operations to guarantee our commitment to responsible travel.

Our responsible travel promise

In today’s world, there is more requirement than ever before to care – for our planet, for our communities, for our people. 

Globally there are more travellers than ever before. The ability to connect with wonderful new destinations, people and cultures is remarkable, yet this rate of growth is hard to sustain without impacting negatively on our planet.

As a DMC we play a critical role in selection. Encouraging our partners and travellers to take more considered choices allows ownership for the environmental impact of their journeys. We do this by curating a collection of experiences that connect our travellers to local communities, enabling them to travel in the shoes of a local.

Our strapline “Every traveler a citizen, everyone a steward, every place a home” relates to this, we are not consumers, but travellers and our wish is for your clients to feel like a citizen in each of our destinations visited.

We curate experiences that connect travelers to local communities, enabling them to feel at home in each of our destinations. In this role, we see ourselves, as well as our travelers and suppliers, as stewards whose responsibility it is to preserve each destinations’ natural environments, heritages, and cultures and to positively contribute to local communities and economies. Our mission is to contribute to responsible and regenerative tourism by caring for the health and resilience of people and the planet.


All-round connection is key.

Connecting our travellers with our local communities, creating a collection of authentic community products and experiences that connect people to the real countries they are visiting.

Connecting our staff worldwide by living our values of health, kindness and growth.

Giving back to the areas we work in. 

Vivu Initiatives

There are five key initiatives woven into every aspect of our business and operations in order to implement our responsible travel promise successfully. These are detailed below:

  • No single-use plastic
  • Implementing successful guide schools in each location we operate in
  • Ensuring we create a positive and sustainable economy with a social enterprise supply chain
  • Greenhouse gas-friendly vehicles where possible
  • Not supporting animals in captivity, no exceptions

By adhering to these strict guidelines, we guarantee our commitment to responsible travel is strong and full of intent and purpose. Constant monitoring and local connection allows us to remain relevant and adapt with time.

The Vivu ethos

Every traveller a citizen, everyone a steward, every place a home.

This is the Vivu ethos and how we view the modern-day traveller. Our values encompass everything we stand for and we are delighted to share our world with you.

Find out more and meet the people behind Vivu Journeys.