Unveiling the Essence of Vietnamese Culture: An Unforgettable Executive Retreat Amidst Hanoi’s Historic Grandeur

In 2023, our team, in collaboration with SmartOSC, orchestrated a VIP experience in Hanoi. Branded as ‘The Lotus Blossom,’ the curated itinerary highlighting Vietnamese culture, featured an elegant welcome dinner at The Hanoi Opera House, insightful sessions at the Metropole, and a memorable gala dinner at the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long.

We were tasked with

  • Delivering an unforgettable and seamless experience for well-travelled executives
  • Securing illustrious speakers to address these distinguished guests
  • Showcasing Vietnamese culture and heritage in Hanoi and the surrounding areas

Our solutions

  • We selected some of the most beautiful and iconic locations for dining and entertainment in Hanoi
  • Through our expansive network, we connected with local government officials and entrepreneurs to secure speaker to give invaluable guests about Vietnam and the local economy
  • Due to our close relationships with suppliers and collaborators, we were able to ensure that all events ran smoothly.

Our result

An experience that dazzled guests with the beauty of Hanoi’s historic landmarks and immersed them in authentic Vietnamese culture.

”Thank you for hosting us in Hanoi. Really appreciate all the thoughtful arrangements, learning sessions and gifts. Thank you for giving me such a unique and new way to experience Vietnam history and culture, needless to say, the gala night was spectacular! ”


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