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Vivu Destinations

Vivu Journeys are proud to introduce our growing portfolio of destinations across Europe & S.E. Asia.

Vivu destinations

UK, Ireland and Portugal

With a growing portfolio of destination in Europe and S.E. Asia, the Vivu family is proud to start their journey promoting the United Kingdom, Ireland and Portugal to key, respected travel industry partners. 

Indochina – from July 2020

Welcome to the enigmatic Indochina of Vivu Journeys. Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos – three majestic and beautiful countries. Intertwined in history, landscape and culture and home to some of the most spectacular sites in Southeast Asia.

These three inspiring countries form the backbone of the Vivu collection. We feel passionate about these destinations and we are delighted to be offering our own Vivu take on all things Indochina and connecting you, our partners, to this magical world.

Ensuring your travellers live like citizens throughout their adventures.

Spain – from 2022

Thailand – from 2023


UK & Ireland

A small yet iconic destination. Home to rolling countryside, jaw-dropping scenery, history and culture. Castles and legends. Royalty and riches.


A land of beauty, full of life and soul. Cities full of history and culture, picture-postcard beaches, castles, rugged landscapes, a relaxed way of life.


Sights and smells to fill the senses. A country of immense beauty. Magnificent scenery, buzzing cities, a cuisine to tempt the taste buds like no other.


Steeped in history, this extraordinary land is home to the UNESCO World Heritage site Angkor Wat and some of the world’s brightest smiles.


Colourful, aromatic, exotic, lush. Laos is a delightful gem that is small, yet packs a punch, offering many rich, authentic experiences for travellers. 

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The world’s most beautiful beaches, unique temples and shrines, and a diverse and rich culinary culture are indeed some of the most enticing aspects