14-Day Custom Journey Through Thailand

Vibrant Streets of Chiang Mai to Serene Canals of Amphawa: Experience Thailand’s Rich Heritage and Hidden Gems

A complete program that will give you a great holiday in Thailand. Immerse in the beautiful Thai culture and heritage by hopping on the back of a Vespa to explore the sites of Chiang Mai, taking a cooking class to learn about Thai cuisine and ingredients, and visiting the little-known but truly authentic Mae Klong Railway Market.  


  • Stay in Amphawa to experience local Thai culture and explore the famous floating market. 
  • Discover Kanchanaburi and its World War II stories and explore the beauty of Erawan Waterfalls. 
  • Uncover the captivating charm of Ayutthaya, a city rich in history, serving as the second Siamese capital post the Sukhothai era. 
  • Explore Chiang Mai by Vespa, one of the unique ways to explore the city. 

Why choose this tour

  • Cultural Immersion: Delve into the rich cultural heritage of Thailand through visits to historical landmarks, local markets, and authentic culinary experiences.
  • Diverse Experiences: From bustling city life to tranquil natural wonders, the itinerary offers a diverse range of experiences, ensuring a memorable journey.
  • Exclusive Adventures: Engage in unique experiences like Vespa journeys, cooking classes, and waterfall exploration, providing opportunities for hands-on engagement.
  • Personalized Tours: Enjoy guided tours with experts providing insights into each destination’s history and cultural significance, ensuring a personalized and enriching experience.
  • Scenic Drives and Luxurious Accommodations: Traverse scenic landscapes and relax in comfortable accommodations, enhancing the overall travel experience.

What is included in the price?

  • Stay at various hotels throughout the itinerary.
  • Full board
  • Private transfers and flights as mentioned in the itinerary.
  • English-speaking guides for sightseeing and excursions.
  • Fees for attractions and sights mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Detailed guidelines for visiting the mentioned destinations.

Comprehensive package of excursions

Tour Plan

DAY 1: Arrive Bangkok

Arrive at the Bangkok Airport. Meet your representative and take a private transfer to your hotel. Enjoy free time at at your leisure to explore Bangkok. 

DAY 2: Bangkok - Wat Phra Kaew - Grand Palace

Meet your English-speaking guide at your hotel lobby to explore Bangkok. Begin your exploration with a visit to the Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew), regarded as Thailand’s most sacred icon. Next explore the 240-year-old Grand Palace, an opulent and historic landmark. Wander through courtyards decorated with shimmering mosaics, sit on mighty thrones draped in silk, and listen to ancient walls echo past ceremonies. Venture on to Wat Pho, a timeless sanctuary that has stood since the late 17th century, predating Bangkok's rise as Thailand's capital. Delve into the captivating history of King Rama I, who revitalized the temple, leaving behind a legacy embodied by the illustrious Reclining Buddha. Next take in the fragrance of Bangkok's iconic flower market, Pak Klong Talat. Witness a kaleidoscope of colours, bustling vendors, and the delicate art of flower arranging. Roll up your sleeves and join a local flower-making workshop, crafting your fragrant souvenir to carry the vibrant spirit of Bangkok with you. From here, discover Thonburi's secrets by taking a local ferry across the Chao Phraya River. Witness European elements in the colours and designs of the doors and buildings. Trace the footsteps of 16th-century Portuguese traders, their stories etched in the vibrant facades and hidden lanes. From the iconic Santa Cruz Church (Chinese Church) to picturesque Portuguese-style homes, their heritage is echoed in the architecture. The tour then visits the "Baan Kudichin Museum," to learn about Thai-Portuguese culture. Explore fascinating exhibits chronicling the early explorers, their journey to Siam, and their lasting impact on the city's cultural kaleidoscope. Next, savour a "karipap," a delectable fusion of Portuguese pastry and spicy Thai flair. Bite into this crispy delight and let the flavours tell their own story of cultural exchange. Moving on, you will visit the Wat Prayun, where you will find serenity reigning at this 19th-century Buddhist temple. Return to hotel and free time at leisure.

DAY 3: Amphawa Floating Market

In the morning, meet your guide in the hotel lobby and journey to Mahachai Market in Samut Sakhon, a coastal province known for its vibrant seafood scene. Experience the bustling Mahachai Market, offering a diverse array of fresh fish, shellfish, and local delicacies—a haven for authentic Thai cuisine. Next cross the river via a local ferry and hop on a rickshaw to reach the train station, embarking on a local train journey to Mae Klong Railway Market. Mae Klong Railway Market, also called Talad Rom Hub or Mae Klong Train Market unfolds its unique charm in Samut Songkhram Province. Set upright on the railway tracks, the market stalls stand closely, orchestrating a dramatic scene as the passing train almost grazes the products. Enjoy a well-coordinated routine as vendors swiftly fold back their awnings and move goods away from the tracks, only to set up again after the train's passage. After this captivating experience, savour lunch at a local restaurant before visiting Wat Bang Kung, a historic Buddhist temple in the Amphawa District. One of its distinctive features is the chapel enclosed within the roots of a banyan tree, creating an enchanting atmosphere. Conclude the day at Amphawa Floating Market (open only on weekends), famous for its seafood and Thai delicacies. Take a boat ride along the canal and, in the evening, witness the mesmerizing display of fireflies.

DAY 4: Exploring Kanchanaburi

Today participate in an almsgiving ceremony to monks early in the morning for a truly cultural experience. After a hearty breakfast at the hotel, set out for Kanchanaburi, a town steeped in historical significance. Explore the iconic Kwai Yai Bridge, globally recognized as the 'Bridge over the River Kwai,' with a reflective walk over the bridge, taking in the river scenery and historical resonance. Continue your historical journey at the Thailand-Burma Railway Centre, home to the Death Railway Museum, which vividly documents the construction and conditions of the Death Railway during World War II. Pay your respects at the Allied War Cemetery, housing the graves of former prisoners of war under Japanese occupation. After lunch, experience a poignant train ride over the "Death Railway Trail" connecting with the tragic history of the route. Check-in at your hotel, allowing a moment of respite after a day filled with historical exploration.

DAY 4: Kanchanaburi - Erawan National Park

Today visit the Hellfire Pass Memorial Museum, which offers insight into the infamous history of Hellfire Pass, displaying photographs and tools used by prisoners of war. Take a contemplative walk to the actual site of Hellfire Pass, visiting memorials that pay homage to those who lost their lives during this tragic period.  Following lunch at a local restaurant, drive to Erawan National Park, known for its seven-tiered waterfalls. Embark on a walk to experience the natural beauty and indulge in a refreshing swim in the emerald-green ponds. Return to your hotel and enjoy free time at leisure. 

DAY 6: Ayutthaya - Chao Phraya River

Set out on an intriguing adventure as you meet your guide in the hotel lobby and travel to Ayutthaya. Uncover the captivating charm of Ayutthaya, a city rich in history, serving as the second Siamese capital after the Sukhothai era, with origins dating back to 1350. Immerse yourself in its cosmopolitan enchantment and the erstwhile global commercial vibrancy.  Then visit the Bang Pa-in Palace, a jewel nestled amidst the shimmering waters of the Chao Phraya River. The palace includes several buildings that represent different architectural styles taken from Chinese, European, and traditional Thai styles.  Let the Chao Phraya River be your guide as you glide across its waters on a gentle cable car. As the palace fades into the distance, a breathtaking surprise awaits a Buddhist sanctuary nestled amidst verdant gardens. Its spires soar skyward, blending European elegance with intricate Thai artistry, promising a journey into the heart of cultural harmony.  Indulge in a delightful interlude with lunch at a local restaurant, savouring the flavours of Ayutthaya's culinary treasures.  The Ayutthaya Historical Park is the perfect place to continue your exploration. Witness the majestic Wat Mahathat, an ancient temple complex tracing its roots back to the 14th century. A poignant highlight is the iconic sandstone Buddha head emerging through tree roots, immortalizing a bygone era.  Our next stop is Wat Phra Si Sanphet, hailed as the 'Temple of the Holy' during the Ayutthaya period, showcasing stunning traditional Ceylon-style bell-shaped chedis. Take a stroll clockwise around these magnificent structures, capturing Instagram-worthy moments from various angles.   We continue our journey by visiting the serene 17th-century Buddhist temple of Wat Chaiwattanaram on the Chao Phraya River. Immerse yourself in the classic Khmer-style design, featuring a 35-meter-high prang surrounded by smaller prangs and chedi-style chapels  Our team will drive you to your hotel for check-in so you can relax and explore. 

DAY 7: Move to Chiang Mai

Transfer to Bangkok Airport and fly to Chiang Mai.   Travel west of Chiang Mai to the venerable Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, perched on Mount Doi Suthep. The temple's origins, shrouded in legend, are believed to be traced back to 1383. As a place of pilgrimage, it has expanded over time, captivating Thai devotees.  Visit the temple's base on a scenic drive through lush landscapes and ascend to the temple grounds via a tram ride, immersing yourself in the spiritual ambiance.  Explore the site's pagodas, bells, statues, and shrines, including a replica of the Emerald Buddha and a statue of the Hindu God Ganesh. The temple's layout narrates Buddhism's story, weaving in the tale of the revered white elephant.  According to legend, a monk named Sumanathera brought a bone to Lan Na's king, believed to be Gautama Buddha's shoulder bone. The bone, placed on a white elephant, led to the temple's construction atop Doi Suthep.  Witness Buddhist monks chanting in meditation, enhancing the temple's sacred atmosphere. Amidst religious architecture and relics, savour breathtaking views of Chiang Mai City during a captivating Thai sunset. 

DAY 8: Chiang Mai - Four-hour Vespa journey

Today take an exhilarating four-hour Vespa journey through Chiang Mai's rich cultural tapestry and be guided by your driver and expert guide. The journey begins at the iconic Tha Phae Gate, where you'll navigate the enchanting lanes of the old city before venturing into the lush countryside. Your Vespa ride takes you to a 7th-century hilltop temple, offering panoramic views of the serene Buddha overlooking the picturesque landscape. Descend the hill to discover a craft village nestled in a charming garden, showcasing the skills of local artisans.  No Vespa tour is complete without a visit to a vibrant Thai market. Immerse yourself in the colours, aromas, and vitality of Warowat Market, where you'll savour tantalizing bites of local Thai cuisine. Continue to the stunning Silver Temple, a masterpiece of silversmith craftsmanship.  In the afternoon, discover the rich and flavorful Akha cuisine of Chiang Mai with a unique local cooking school where you will learn about the flavours and ingredients behind Thai dishes and how to prepare authentic Thai dishes, from appetizers and desserts to Akha-specialty dishes, curries, curry pastes, stir-fries, and Thai soups.  After completing your cooking course, sit down with fellow culinary enthusiasts to celebrate your accomplishments. Engage in delightful conversations with your instructor chef, gaining deeper insights into the culinary wonders of Akha cuisine. 

DAY 9: Chiang Mai - Bua Thong Waterfall

Today explore the unique Bua Thong Waterfall, also referred to as the Sticky Waterfall or "Nam Phu Chet Si" in Thai, situated approximately 50 kilometres from Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand.   The waterfall’s mineral deposits create a rough texture, providing an excellent grip akin to a natural staircase. This distinctive characteristic enables adventurous visitors to ascend the waterfall and discover its various tiers, pools, and cascades.  The vicinity around Bua Thong Waterfall is an ideal spot for picnics and relaxation, surrounded by lush greenery and serene surroundings that enhance the overall experience. Visitors spend time climbing the waterfall, taking a dip in the clear pools, and reveling in the natural beauty of the surroundings.  Following your exploration, enjoy lunch at a local restaurant before heading to Mae Ngat Reservoir. Formed by the Mae Ngat Dam, this reservoir provides a tranquil retreat amidst the natural beauty of the surrounding mountains and forests. A favoured destination for both locals and tourists, the lake offers various activities such as kayaking, boat tours, swimming, and picnicking.  Conclude your day by returning to Chiang Mai, where you can unwind and enjoy free time at your leisure. 

DAY 10: Move to Krabi

Breakfast at hotel and transfer to Chiang Mai Airport. Fly to Krabi.   Arrive at Krabi Airport, meet a local guide and take a private transfer to the hotel.  Arrive at hotel, check in and free time at leisure. 

DAY 11 - DAY 12 - DAY 13: Exploring Krabi beach

Enjoy free time at your leisure on the gorgeous sands of Krabi beach. 

DAY 14: Departure

Private transfer to Krabi Airport and fly to your next destination. 

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