Learn about traditional cooking in Madeira, from farm to table, at a family-owned and run farm. End the day with a relaxing lunch and enjoy the food you selected and cooked yourselves.


  • Select your own produce at the farm
  • Learn about traditional cooking on the island
  • Share a meal and a drink with a local family


Learn all about traditional cooking in Madeira, with a focus on the farm to the table concept.

You have the chance to experience the Madeira Island lifestyle. Visiting a family-owned and run farm, you are able to select your own fresh products and choose all the ingredients you need for the cooking session.

The products used in the activities are preferably of organic origin, from the season, whenever possible. You learn the recipes step by step and participate in all parts of the process, from the selection of the ingredients in the local farm to the final product and posterior tasting.

End the day with a relaxing lunch, enjoying the delicious food you have prepared.

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