Meet the Yi family for hot tea and stories at their traditional Khmer house which has been passed down through three generations.


  • Meet the wonderful Yi family
  • Hear firsthand tales of their incredible survival and their home
  • See the amazing craftmanship behind the traditional house they live in


Today you will head to a traditional Khmer house known as Khoa Song. The house belongs to the Yi family and has been passed down through three generations.

After the Khmer Rouge regime, the Yi family was left with only the elder sister and younger brother. After the Cambodian genocide, both made their way back to their home.

The house consists of two buildings, one built in 1890 and the other built in 1907. The house is made of the best quality teak wood and the walls are constructed of woven bamboo. The craftsmanship of the ceiling carvings will be a highlight.

The family are so happy to welcome you and share some hot tea and relay some of their heartfelt stories firsthand. You will be welcome to take a photo together with them to remember this insightful experience.

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