4- day Cultural Learning Project in Mai Chau

This service-learning project, designed for 50 sixth graders and five teachers from a school in Hanoi, involved a 4-day trip to Mai Chau. Students were immersed in the local culture, environment, and community, enhancing their understanding of sustainable living, teamwork, and cultural exchange.

Students participated in hands-on farming and cooking experiences to learn about seasonal crops and sustainable agriculture, visited a local primary school for cultural exchange and community service activities such as painting classrooms and planting trees, learned how to make traditional bamboo handicrafts to connect deeper with the local culture, and took part in an “Amazing Race” through Mai Chau’s villages, promoting teamwork, leadership, and exploration.

Additionally, students had the opportunity to go rafting and rock-climbing, to visit Mo Luong and Chiều caves, and to take in cultural performances by Mai Chau’s ethnic minorities.

This service-learning project aimed to not only complement the academic curriculum but also to contribute significantly to the personal growth of each student. By directly engaging with the local environment and community, students returned with a deeper appreciation for environmental sustainability, enhanced soft skills such as leadership and teamwork, and with a deepened sense of cultural diversity and global citizenship.

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