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This curated 6-day educational journey is designed specifically for a group of 18 students and three teachers. This immersive experience will take place in the summer of 2024 against the picturesque backdrop of Hoi An, Vietnam and will blend cultural enrichment, hands-on learning, and community engagement to provide a deep dive into sustainable farming practices and Vietnamese culinary arts.

Activities include visiting a local village and engaging in hands-on farming activities to learn about composting, crop rotation, and local irrigation methods and to better understand the relationship between traditional and sustainable farming techniques. Additionally, students will participate in cooking sessions at Reu Restaurant, learning how to make Vietnamese appetizers, pho, spring rolls, and banh mỳ to enhance students’ culinary skills, nutritional awareness, and self-sufficiency.

Students will also have plenty of opportunities to enjoy cultural experiences such as conical hat painting, fishing, and interactive games as well as preparing and hosting a gala dinner for local students to foster community ties and cultural exchange.

Through this project, students  will not only gain a comprehensive understanding of Vietnamese agriculture and culinary traditions but will also foster a sense of environmental stewardship. Moreover, by engaging directly with the local community, students will also gain greater cultural competency and global awareness.

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