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Visit the Laos Buffalo Dairy farm, a sustainable and socially responsible enterprise, created to improve rural prosperity, nutrition and health through a focus on buffalo farming. Learn about the efforts of the farm owners to improve local agriculture and increase nutrition amongst the local people. Tour the farm and enjoy some tasters of local buffalo dairy products, including ice cream, cheese and a fresh glass of milk. Later, continue by road to the Kuangsi Waterfalls, the perfect place to cool off with a swim and later enjoy a delicious

The Buffalo dairy farm was set up in a beautiful rural area around 30 minutes outside of Luang Prabang in Laos as a socially responsible and sustainable business. The owners of this enterprise provide support and education around dairy farming using the milk from Buffalos to make delicious products such as cheese and ice cream. This was previously unheard of in the region. The introduction of this concept offers a source of nutrition in the area and additional income for the local farmers. For this tour, you will visit the

Visit Laos’ coffee region in the Bolaven region. Start with a locally-brewed cup of Laotian coffee as your guide explains what you will see during the tour of the plantation. Walk through the different trees growing many types of coffee. You will identify the trees depending on the types of leaves and the shapes of the branches. Learn about the coffee berries and what are the best conditions for growing coffee. End your visit with a second cup of delicious local coffee.

A fantastic way to experience the traditions of Luang Prabang! Rise early this morning and transfer to a local family home where you will learn about and make sticky rice to offer as alms to the Buddhist monks living in Luang Prabang. Once the meals are prepared, take the dishes outside to offer as alms to the Buddhist monks as they walk through the streets of Luang Prabang – a humbling and immersive experience. Afterwards, return to the local family home where you will enjoy a delicious breakfast.

When visiting Hanoi why not escape to beautiful Ky Son Village, a perfect way to leave behind the hustle and bustle and experience traditional and rural Vietnam.  Ky Son is situated approximately an hours drive from Hanoi, where you will stay at the charming Moon Garden Homestay with your local hosts. Once settled into your accommodation, enjoy a full programme of activities from rice planning with local farmers, taking an ox cart ride through emerald rice fields, cycling and hiking, to learning to cook delicious local dishes and enjoying

Learn about the rich history of Pho, Vietnam's national dish with a local street vendor. You're invites you to savor your own creation while swapping stories about life in Hanoi.

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