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Why a UK Staycation should be top of your list for a holiday in 2021

Why a UK Staycation should be top of your list for a holiday in 2021

2021 – the year of the staycation

2020 was a year I am sure many of us would like to forget: not being able to see family; longing for an evening visit to the pub with friends and most of all, not being able to go on holiday. Though some of us were lucky enough to squeeze a trip in during the UK’s ‘brief’ 2020 relaxation of the lockdown, the majority of us are still waiting for that chance to escape the routine, discover new cultures and re-connect with the world.

With the vaccine rollout and the reduction in covid-19 cases, 2021 is looking to soon be a time when we can move about again. 2021 will be the year of the Staycation and until an international holiday is back on the table, there is no better time than now to discover the awe-inspiring culture, history and diverse offering right here on our doorstep in the UK!

The UK is waiting for you

The United Kingdom is home to four nations, each offering unique sights, heart-warming traditions and local customs, seen through the people, food and way of life in each region. England is a nation of contrast, offering both the urban and the country escape.

Explore England from capital to rugged coast

Many of us have been to London, the capital of the UK, but at Vivu Journeys, we are offering the chance to see London from the real local perspective of this global city. On our London: a Cultural Patchwork tour, see London through the eyes of the locals as your guide takes you on a sensual discovery through London’s East and West Ends, showcasing the many cultures, religions and lifestyles which make this city so unique.

Patchwork London 675
Take a walking tour of London

England is known for its iconic cities such as London, Manchester and Liverpool, yet it is also home to vast countryside and is able to offer that true escape from the hustle and bustle which so many of us crave. At Vivu Journeys we offer many compelling tours and immersive experiences which really connect our clients with England’s nature: learn how to surf on the exemplary Cornwall Coast; follow your guide through the winding water network of the Norfolk Broads by stand up paddleboard; or go rock climbing in the Langdale Valley, offering views over the glorious Lake District.

norfolk broads paddleboarding
Paddleboarding on the Norfolk Broads

Visit wild, scenic Scotland

England’s neighbour to the north, Scotland, stirs images of highland mountains and lochs, secluded islands and rugged coastlines, and you will not be disappointed. Scotland is a land of diverse nature and contrasting landscapes and at Vivu Journeys, we have hand-picked the most inspirational and exciting tours to showcase this amazing destination.

Travel by jeep safari through the wilderness of the highlands in search of Scottish wildlife before sitting down for a Scottish feast in a hilltop bothy (farmhouse); head to a bothy which has been converted into a gin distillery where you will enjoy a three-course dinner with gin pairing before ending the night with a traditional Scottish singing performance; and in Inverness, get ready for a thrilling rafting experience down the River Ness or take a guided cycle along its banks to the Moray of Firth, the perfect place to spot dolphins!

Scotland is also a driver’s paradise and is home to some of the best scenic drives in the country (and arguably the world!) the North Coast 500 takes you on a coastal tour right to the top point of Scotland’s mainland and the North East 250 takes you through lush countryside and scenic beaches in Aberdeenshire, both a castle and a foodie haven!

gin bothy experience 2
Savour a gin and dining experience in Scotland

Discover the beauty of Wales

Wales is truly proud of its Celtic roots and Welsh traditions and this comes through in the experiences on offer. Wales’ natural beauty is second to none, home to some of the best beaches in the UK, and Snowdonia National Park, packed full of majestic mountains, rushing rivers and tumbling waterfalls, so beautiful they have inspired writers from Philip Pullman to Beatrix Potter.

Wales’ manmade history is just as inspiring. Known as the ‘Land of Castles’, Wales is home to over 600 of them, including Harlech, Conwy and Cardiff to name a few, as well as Caernarfon Castle, used for the investiture of the current Prince of Wales, Prince Charles.

At Vivu Journeys, we have selected those experiences which will really connect our guests with the landscape, culture and people of Wales: join Craig in Carmarthenshire for a coastal foraging experience, picking fresh seafood with a true expert before cooking the delicious catch for your lunch; learn about Wales’ mining history, its role in producing coins for the UK at the Royal Mint and its surprising production of delicious wines on your Mint, Mine and Vine tour; or take to the skies on a zip line thrill ride through the countryside of Snowdonia National Park.

coastal foraging 2
Enjoy the fruits of your guided foraging experience on the Welsh coast

Immerse yourself in the history and culinary delights of Northern Ireland

Though separated by the Irish sea, Northern Ireland is the final instalment of your UK staycation programme!

The land of Giants, the Causeway Coast and Game of Thrones, Northern Ireland is an explosion to the senses and has catered itself to be the perfect staycation getaway.

Though Northern Ireland is now one of the safest destinations in Europe, the country had a very tumultuous modern history, one which stills holds an integral position in the country’s heart. We have worked with locals to create real experiences to inform our guests of this period such as a walking tour of Belfast, guided by two former political prisoners who will give first-hand insight into growing up during the ‘Troubles’.

Northern Ireland, too, is a food-haven and is home to some of the freshest and most mouth-watering dishes in the UK. Head to Tracey’s Farmhouse where you will learn how to make soda and potato breads in her traditional cottage before sitting down for a freshly-produced lunch; go fishing for scallops off the Causeway Coast and dine on your catch; and learn about the history of the famous clans who dominated in Country Antrim whilst you enjoy a sensual Irish whiskey tasting.

Belfast City Hall, Donegall Square North, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Discover Belfast and gain first-hand insight into N. Ireland’s troubled history

The UK is the perfect Staycation destination: from the white-sand beaches of Cornwall to the mountainous peaks of the Scottish Highlands; to the poignant modern history of Northern Ireland to the legendary tales of King and Castle in Wales, the UK is an abundance of heritage, landscapes, foods and people that will transport you away from the mundane and take you to a place you may not even have known existed.

So, what are you waiting for? 2021 is the year of the Staycation and the UK is waiting for you!