Local Legends

We believe the role of a DMC is to represent our beautiful countries in the most authentic way, introducing each traveller to our wonderful communities and incredible local people. We would love everyone to see each spectacular Vivu destination as we do, as a home, enriched by the tales of Local Legends.

Hoang Van Cuong, Vietnamese War Photographer

Our countries are enchanting; the local people are welcoming and inspirational, the cuisines exquisite, the nature breathtaking. With pride, you would ensure they only stayed in the most welcoming of places, sampled the most sumptuous, local dishes and experienced the history and culture by introducing important people and places only discovered by you, from living amongst them over time. That extra wow that had us spellbound as travellers and compelled us to return.

David Rouland, a London Cab Driver from France

We needed to deliver these chance encounters with local raconteurs to each of our travellers in every one of our Vivu destinations. And that was how we created our 7th product range ‘Local Legends‘.

Whilst one of the first Vivu product ranges created, for Local Legends to be real we knew it would take time and couldn’t be forced. Every one of our in-destination Product Managers is passionate and curious. They mingle and question and spend each waking moment searching for something to showcase their countries and make them sparkle.

Over the last year and a half we have been seeking out these local superstars in order to create those magical memories for every one of our travellers and now, with pride, we extend this experience to each and every Vivu guest.