VC Extranet Connection Process

Welcome to the VC Extranet Connection Process Overview,

At Vivu Journeys, we are committed to providing our partners with a seamless and efficient integration process. Below, you will find a detailed guide through the five key stages of our connection process: Registration, Test Environment Configuration, Application Development, Certification Process, Mapping Data, and Deployment to Production. Each stage is designed to ensure that your application aligns with our technical standards and business requirements, facilitating a smooth transition from initial setup to going live. Join us in this journey to enhance your operational capabilities and expand your service offerings through our robust Extranet platform.

1. Registration

Objective: Initiate partnership setup by collecting essential partner information.

Action Required:

Output: Confirmation of registration and progression to environment setup.

2. Test Environment Configuration

Objective: Establish a sandbox for development testing.

Action Required:

  • Upon successful registration, our technical team will provision a test environment.
  • Access credentials and relevant documentation will be provided to facilitate the development process.

Output: A fully functional test environment with access credentials.

3. Application Development

Objective: Develop the application adhering to VC Extranet standards.

Action Required:

  • Develop your application according to the provided specifications and design guidelines.
  • Regular updates and sync points should be scheduled to review progress and integrate feedback.
  • Utilize the test environment to validate and refine application functionalities.

Output: Application ready for the certification stage.

4. Certification Process

Objective: Ensure the application meets all technical and business requirements.

Action Required:

  • Engage with the VC Extranet technical team to execute predefined test cases.
  • Address any issues identified during testing to meet the certification criteria.

Output: Official certification confirming compliance with VC Extranet requirements.

5. Mapping Data

Objective: Align product offerings and related data between partners and Vivu Journeys to ensure proper connectivity and functionality.

Action Required:

  • Map product data and related content between your systems and the VC Extranet to ensure that all information syncs accurately across platforms.
  • Collaborate with the VC technical team to confirm data accuracy and consistency.

Output: Verified and aligned data ensuring seamless integration and operational accuracy.

6. Deployment to Production

Objective: Launch the application on the production environment.

Action Required:

  • Post-certification, the production environment will be set up within a maximum of five working days.
  • Deploy your certified application to the production environment.
  • Monitor the application for operational stability and address any emerging issues.

Output: Application goes live and begins handling real transactions.