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Channy Chhoeun – Local Legend (Cambodia)

Travel to the remote village of Wat Avtea, South of Siem Reap, to visit the home studio and gallery of renowned contemporary artist Channy Chhoeun and hear his incredible story.

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Local Legend Profile

Introducing Local Legend Channy Chhoeu, renowned contemporary artist.

Channy’s story

Channy describes himself as a shy character with a determination to share his art and story. Growing up in the Cambodian jungle close to Battambang, life was remarkably tough. Helping his family farm the land, he loved art and nature. His passion for art began as a youth, drawing pictures with just sticks and soil, he spent his tough days dreaming of becoming a professional artist, something that felt utterly impossible given his circumstances.

Channy knows it may be difficult for some to imagine his experience as a child, sleeping outside, seeking shelter under trees and always on the lookout for precious food and water. Simply put, it was a struggle to stay alive.

His parents recognised his wonderful talent and supported him to join Phare Ponleu Selpak school of the arts, a social enterprise founded by Vivu’s other Local Legend, Mr Bandaul Srey. From this day Channy saw his talent grow from strength to strength. Now he showcases his work in a gallery in Siem Reap where he has the pleasure of sharing his remarkable story with all Vivu’s guests.

During this experience you should expect to hear a tale of inspirational success, admire Channy’s unique expressive art and share a unique connection with the artist himself.


  • Visit the authentic rural village of Wat Avtea
  • Meet the artist himself and hear his incredible tale, told first hand
  • Browse Channy’s inspiring paintings
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Channy says

I love sharing my story and feel honoured that people are interested in hearing about me and my art. Re-living my journey is always emotional for me as I reflect on how far I have come. I hope visitors can visualise the journey that brought me to where I am today. When I share my story and the story of the artwork in my studio, I hope they will feel what I felt. I hope they sense this is not just art but an expression of my life and of our Khmer culture. I never imagined I could leave the farm I grew up on to pursue my dream of becoming a professional artist: I thought I could only ever follow the cows.