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Local Legend – Huynh Kim Ta (Vietnam)

Explore the fascinating Ky Anh tunnels with our Local Legend Mr Ta. As the sole key holder of these underground pathways, Ta knows every corner and secret they hold.

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Local Legend Profile

Introducing our Local Legend, Mr Huynh Kim Ta, vibrant personality, natural storyteller and caretaker of the Ky Anh tunnels.

Mr Ta’s Story

Huynh Kim Ta, known locally as Mr Ta, was born and raised in the centre of Vietnam, in a small village called Thach Tan. Mr Ta has had a truly remarkable life and has a fascinating story to share. His mother and grandmother are known in Vietnam as heroic mothers, meaning they lost children or husbands fighting in the war for the liberation of Vietnam.

During his childhood, Mr Ta recalls the feeling of the whole village pulling together to build the Ky Anh tunnels. The enemy was stationed just 8km away and so this network of secret tunnels represented safety. Even the local children were involved as lookout for the enemy and warning the soldiers. Now recognised as a national historical relic, these underground pathways are a lesser-known, smaller-scale replica of the infamous Cu Chi tunnels, situated outside of Ho Chi Minh City.

Mr Ta joined the Vietnamese army at the young age of 18, bravely fighting on the border between his beloved Vietnam and Cambodia. After returning to his hometown, he was elected as chief of the village. Shortly after, he was appointed to take care of the Ky Anh tunnels and to this day he takes pride in showcasing this incredible monument to guests visiting the area. Ta describes the tunnels as his 2nd home, knowing every corner and secret they hold. Mr Ta is a vibrant person who loves being around people. He is a natural storyteller with a unique and incredible tale.

During this experience, guests should expect an exhilarating story, local interaction, and exploration of these underground tunnels with a true expert and the sole key holder.


  • Meet this inspirational character and hear his remarkable story
  • Learn about the Vietnamese war first-hand from an ex-soldier
  • Explore the Ky Anh tunnels and hear the secrets they hold
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Mr Ta says

These tunnels are part of my family’s history and I am so proud of all they represent. I am excited to share their secrets with you. I will show you around our beautiful village and tell you stories of our lives during the war. Each corner of our village has its own story of bravery and in the end, victory.