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Local Legend – Pádraic O’Raighne (Ireland)

Connemara is in Pádraic's blood and his native understanding of the destination makes him the perfect tour guide and representative of west Ireland and its expansive history, culture and people.

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Local Legend Profile

Introducing our Local Legend, Pádraic O’Raighne, Connemara Local and founder of Connemara Pub Tours

Pádraic’s story

Pádraic was born and raised in Connemara and has spent most of his life there, with the exception of his university years abroad. Pádraic adores his hometown and the west of Ireland, for its magnificent scenery along with the local people, describing them as unique with a sense of mischief and fun.

Culture is hugely important in the west of Ireland and Pádraic is one of the fortunate people who speaks Irish (Gaelic) as his first language. It was Padraic’s combined love of connecting visitors with the local people and showcasing his unique homeland of western Ireland that brought about the creation of Connemara Pub Tours.

Pádraic has a wide range of excursions on offer and organises all elements of your tour experience, from pick up to drop off. His flagship pub crawl tour takes you through the wilderness of Connemara, stopping at local hostelries to enjoy a pint of the good stuff whilst you enjoy the opportunity to interact with the locals and learn about the culture.

Padraic also offers day trips to the isolated Aran Islands, a 10-minute flight from the Irish mainland, to experience and immerse in the unique island culture here and meet the locals, as well as specialising in bespoke, luxury experiences, including a small-boat journey to a remote uninhabited island off the Connemara coast for an exclusive, deluxe picnic lunch.



  • Join Pádraic as he unearths the cultures, traditions and people of Connemara, the largest Gaeltacht (Irish-speaking region) in the country
  • Meet the locals and enjoy the craic whilst you enjoy a few pints on a Connemara Pub Crawl
  • Discover the isolated islands of Aran on an extensive tour or indulge in a bit of luxury with a deluxe picnic on an unpopulated island
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Pádraic says

I connect people. Storytelling and making connections are part of the Irish DNA and even more so in the west of Ireland where emigration played a significant part in every family’s life. Connemara people love welcoming visitors and sharing their lives with them as this has been part of their upbringing for generations when people came to the west for inspiration and to connect with the natural beauty of the region. From writers to artists to returning immigrants, the Connemara region has a magnetic draw for people seeking tranquillity and harmony with nature and its surrounds.

As we say in Irish, Scéal a Tharraingníonn Scéal Eile…..One Story that leads to another!