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Local Legend – Mr Nham Hung (Vietnam)

Join our Local Legend, Mr Nham Hung as you travel with him along the mighty Mekong river. He will share facts and stories of nature, the culture of the people and of his ancestors.

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Local Legend Profile

Introducing our Local Legend, Mr Nham Hung, a vibrant and outgoing character who loves connecting with people.

Mr Nham Hung’s story

He was born in 1949 in the Hau Giang province within the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam. As a child, Nham Hung recalls his love for this enchanting area of Vietnam.

At the age of ten, he and his family moved to Saigon and it was here that Mr Nham Hung joined the Viet Cong army to fight in the war and subsequently was arrested and jailed within the Chi Hoa prison.

After the war, Mr Nham Hung relocated back to his beloved hometown and embarked on an impressive career spanning many roles, such as writer, stage director, and cultural researcher. One thing that remained constant was his love and fascination for the region, and he continues to be one of the key researchers and specialists for the Mekong Delta.

Now retired, Nham Hung remains a key figure for the area and loves nothing more than sharing his knowledge of this beautiful part of the country. Nham Hung has been researching the region for more than 50 years and holds many secrets and fairy tales he is delighted to share with our guests.

During this experience, guests should expect a real authentic connection with a fascinating local character. To learn many of the secrets the Mekong Delta holds, the culture of the people and stories of his ancestors.


  • Connect with our Local Legend Mr Nham Hung
  • Hear stories of the Mekong Delta and his time fighting in the Vietnamese war
  • Spend time in the enchanting region of the Mekong Dela
Mr Nham Hung

Mr Nham Hung says

I have researched the Mekong Delta for nearly 50 years and I am still learning. I believe I know this area better than anyone. To travel within the Mekong Delta, you will not only witness the beauty of the nature but also of the people. I am waiting to share stories and explain some of the mysteries it holds. There are many, many fascinating fairy tales waiting for you.