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Local Legend – Mrs Khut Salorn (Cambodia)

Khut Salorn has a lot to share; her remarkable story of bravery and overcoming the violent Khmer Rouge regime and now her home as she invites you in to taste a variety of local dishes made from local and homegrown produce.

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Local Legend Profile

Introducing our Local Legend Mrs Khut Salorn, inspirational survivor of the Khmer Rouge regime, teacher and restaurant owner.

Khut Salorn’s story

Khut Salorn is a vibrant and outgoing character who loves being around people. Born and raised in the countryside just outside of beautiful Siem Reap, her life has been a rollercoaster of good and bad luck, but ultimately this is a story of survival to success. Khut Salorn describes the survival of the Khmer Rouge as her and her family’s biggest success, but the following years and her work today are also unimaginable when considering the challenges overcome.

Following the violent years of the regime, Khut Salorn was chosen to be an elementary teacher and felt privileged to teach and influence young Khmer children between 1979 until her retirement in 2018. A teacher’s role in the community is held in high esteem and gained her respect from her neighbours, family and friends and she often helped create sumptuous dishes for weddings and traditional ceremonies. Khut Salorn learned and loved the art of cooking local food from her mother and was renowned for her delicious dishes.

It was for this reason that she decided to establish and run her own family restaurant, specialising in fresh, local and home-grown ingredients producing Khmer cuisine from farm to table.
You should expect to share in Khut Salorn’s remarkable story whilst sampling traditional home-cooked food in a beautiful setting.


  • Meet this inspirational character and hear her remarkable story of success
  • Sample delicious home-cooked Khmer cuisine
  • Experience the intimate setting of a Cambodian home and how the local produce is grown here and turned into wonderful food to share
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Khut Salorn says

I would love for my customers to be interested in hearing my life story. How I managed to survive has made me who I am today. Moreover, I want to share the delicious taste of local Khmer food at my restaurant, inviting guests into my house and offering the chance to explore my garden where we grow the vegetables used in each dish. I hope this makes them happy and that they can take home great memories.