Vietnam’s most unique travel experience: Flying over the World Heritage Site of Halong Bay by Hai Au seaplane

If you are part of the Korean business community living and working in Hanoi, you probably have access to many unique and exciting travel experiences, as the Vietnamese capital is the gateway to touring Northern Vietnam. Vietnam’s top travel experience in the north is taking a sightseeing flight over the UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site of Halong Bay on a seaplane from Hai Au Airlines.

Life at Halong Bay is seen from Hai Au Aviation seaplanes.

Among Vietnam’s many wonders, the magnificent Halong Bay, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site and home to countless limestone mountains backed by a fabled history and jade green waters, is one of the most impressive. It’s no wonder then that visitors come from near and far to explore the timeless beauty of Halong Bay, a true can’t-miss experience when traveling to Vietnam.

Hai Au Airlines, a member of Thien Minh Group (TMG). Offers visitors Vietnam’s only seaplane experience, allowing them the unique opportunity to fully witness the beauty of Halong Bay from a completely different perspective: 300 meters above sea level on an amphibious seaplane.

Unique seaplane sightseeing experience over Halong Bay

Admire the stunning beauty of Ha Long Bay from above, at an altitude of 300 meters.

Can you imagine the sheer delight of flying over the stunning Halong Bay seascape from an altitude of 300 meters for sweeping bird’s-eye views of the mesmerizing beauty of this amazing heritage site? As the first and only company to provide scenic seaplane flight services in Halong Bay, Hai Au Aviation offers passengers a truly unique flying experience. While each flight from Tuan Chau Marina may only last 25 minutes, it opens up a completely new perspective to the magnificent wonder of Halong.

Take in the 1,969 large and small islands dotted across the bay that are part legend and part history, having played an intrinsic role in protecting the borders of Vietnam. This is one reason why seeing Halong Bay from above by seaplane has become a must-do experience to fully appreciate the wonder of Halong. Even Korea and Thailand have yet to offer scenic seaplane flights.

Safety is always a top priority

Hai Au Aviation is the leading seaplane operator in Asia.

Continuously since 2014, Hai Au Aviation has been committed to every flight on a Hai Au seaplane being a safe one. The Cessna Grand Caravan 208B-EX seaplane, which can carry up to 12 passengers, is equipped with modern aviation equipment such as weather radar, a storm tracking system, and GPS. All flight paths and marine areas have been surveyed and approved for operation according to the regulations of the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam.

The Cessna Grand Caravan 208B-EX is the world’s largest single-engine aircraft as well as the safest single-engine aircraft to land on water, according to the U.S. Aviation Administration (FAA) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). With the capacity to operate to high international standards, Hai Au Aviation is one of the few airlines in Vietnam to be licensed to operate charter flights to Europe, the USA, and Canada while also conducting scenic flights by Cessna aircraft in Vietnam and Asia.

To 2023, Hai Au Aviation has been honored by the World Travel Awards as Asia’s Leading Seaplane Operator for 5 consecutive years.

Easy booking

To book a flight to see the World Natural Heritage site of Halong Bay by Hai Au seaplane, visitors can simply visit Hai Au Aviation’s website at to choose from available packages.

In addition to scenic seaplane flights in Halong Bay, visitors can also fly direct by Hai Au seaplane from Noi Bai International Airport to Tuan Chau – Halong Marina and from Tuan Chau – Halong Marina to Noi Bai International Airport or choose a custom flight duration and experience that meets their needs and preferences. Hai Au Aviation’s online booking team or customer care team is always ready to assist.

Flight costs

Currently, each 25-minute Halong Bay sightseeing flight costs VND 2,000,000 per person. Each 60-minute Halong Bay sightseeing flight departing from Noi Bai International Airport costs VND 10,800,000 per person.

To ensure a safe and comfortable flight, please follow Hai Au Aviation’s flight safety guidelines and trust the professionalism of your cabin crew for the most memorable experience.

Transportation between Hanoi – Hai Phong

With the current expressway, the travel time by car between Hanoi – Halong is only about 2.5 hours. At the Tuan Chau – Halong Marina, Hai Au Aviation has a vehicle parking area and an air-conditioned lounge equipped with wifi and a selection of beverages while passengers await their flights to witness the beauty of the World Natural Heritage of Halong Bay as well as the scenic, dynamic coastal city of Halong.

For more information about Hai Au Aviation, a member of Thien Minh Group (TMG), please contact:

Hotline: 0962 069 689
Email: [email protected]

Founded in 1994, TMG has grown from a company with three employees to a business with more than 2,500 employees working worldwide. Thien Minh is one of the leading Asia companies providing package travel services with the motto of customer-centricity. With four fields of operations, including Destination Management, Hospitality, Online, and Aviation, TMG is the perfect itinerary piece that creates an exceptional visitor experience.


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