Discover Central Vietnam’s Cultural Treasures through Educational Travel Programmes

Hue, nestled along the Perfume River, boasts imperial sites that echo the grandeur of Vietnam’s past, while Hoi An enchants with its old town adorned with lantern-lit streets, preserving centuries-old customs and architecture. 

These destinations not only provide an authentic glimpse into Vietnam’s past but also serve as immersive classrooms for students eager to learn about the country’s cultural tapestry.

Subjects students will explore


Central Vietnam, especially Hue, served as the imperial capital of Vietnam for centuries, making it a prime location for studying Vietnamese history. Students can explore the rise and fall of the Nguyen Dynasty, the architectural marvels of the Imperial City, and the impact of colonialism on the region.

🔹Culture and Heritage

Hue and Hoi An are renowned for their rich cultural heritage, offering students a chance to study traditional Vietnamese customs, rituals, and practices. From the ancient traditions of the Nguyen emperors to the vibrant lantern festivals of Hoi An, there is much to learn about the cultural tapestry of Central Vietnam.

🔹Architecture and Urban Planning

Hue’s Imperial City and Hoi An’s well-preserved old town are prime examples of architectural excellence and urban planning. Students can study the evolution of architectural styles, the significance of key landmarks, and the preservation efforts to protect these UNESCO World Heritage sites.

🔹Art and Craftsmanship

Hoi An is famous for its skilled artisans and traditional crafts, including lantern making, silk weaving, and pottery. Students can delve into the artistic traditions of the region, learning about the techniques, materials, and cultural significance of various art forms.


Central Vietnam’s natural landscapes, including its coastal areas, mountains, and rivers, provide a unique setting for studying environmental issues such as conservation, sustainable development, and climate change. Students can participate in field studies, research projects, and conservation initiatives aimed at protecting the region’s natural resources.

🔹Tourism and Hospitality

Hue and Hoi An are popular tourist destinations, offering students insights into the tourism industry and hospitality management. Students can study topics such as destination marketing, sustainable tourism practices, and the economic impact of tourism on local communities.

🔹Language and Linguistics

Vietnamese language and dialects are an integral part of Central Vietnam’s cultural identity. Students can study the Vietnamese language, as well as local dialects and linguistic variations, to gain a deeper understanding of the region’s communication patterns and cultural nuances.


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