Ha Long Bay among top 51 most beautiful spots in the world according to Conde Nast Traveler

Explore Ha Long Bay by seaplane and Emeraude Cruises – one of the world’s top 51 most beautiful landscapes as selected by Conde Nast Traveler.

Ha Long Bay is home to a grouping of small islands along with limestone ridges that dot the clear, green sea. A must – go place for international and local tourists.

The World Natural Heritage site of Ha Long Bay has just been named by Conde Nast Traveler (CN Traveler) as one of the 51 most beautiful destinations in the world, including magnificent natural landscapes stretching from the Middle East to the countries of Southeast Asia.

According to CN Traveler, Ha Long Bay is home to a grouping of small islands along with limestone ridges that dot the clear, green sea. This is one of the places visitors should not miss when traveling to the Northeast of Vietnam.

In Ha Long Bay, Thien Minh Group (TMG) operates two leading sightseeing brands including Hai Au Aviation providing scenic flights by seaplane, and Emeraude Cruises, the embodiment of the entrepreneurial spirit and the ambition of youth that’s tied in to the storied origins of the Emeraude ship.

See the sights from on high like never before with Hai Au seaplanes

Since 2014, Hai Au Aviation has been a pioneer in providing safe flight services including scheduled flights, scenic flights and charter flights to some of Vietnam’s most famous destinations.

Hai Au Aviation, a member of Thien Minh Group (TMG), has been a pioneer in providing safe flight services to some of the famous destinations in Vietnam.

From a height of 300m aboard Hai Au Aviation seaplanes, visitors can take in the entire seascape of large and small islands that take on the shape of mountain ranges that undulate like the body of a flying dragon.

The large windows on board Hai Au seaplanes also afford visitors vistas of small fishing boats bobbing on the emerald sea as well as long-established floating fishing villages that are a part of the history of Ha Long Bay.

To explore the endless beauty of this UNESCO World Natural Heritage site, book a seat with Hai Au Aviation for truly incredible views.

Explore every corner of Ha Long Bay with the Emeraude Cruises fleet

The Emeraude Cruises fleet, a member of Thien Minh Group, includes the Emeraude Classic, Emeraude Sayuri, Emeraude Min and Emeraude Premium.

Emeraude Classic

The elegant Emeraude Classic sports a vintage design inspired by a steamboat pictured on a postcard from the 1920s. The Emeraude Classic has 5 cabin categories, 1 restaurant and 2 bars. Each corner aboard the 37-cabin ship is artfully decorated, capturing the stylish era in which the original ship was constructed as well as the elegance of Indochina when three young, entrepreneurial Frenchmen followed their dreams from France to Vietnam to build the original Emeraude.

The elegant Emeraude Classic sports a vintage design, bringing tourists a wonderful journey to the natural heritage Ha Long Bay

According to late celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, the Emeraude Classic embraces “all the conveniences of modern times along with the charm of the past.”

Emeraude Sayuri

Elegant and sleek in design, the Emeraude Sayuri boasts a clean, Japanese aesthetic. Cloaked in white, the Emeraude Sayuri takes visitors on journeys of exploration to every corner of Ha Long Bay. With a maximum capacity of 62 passengers, the Emeraude Sayuri offers novel itineraries to discover one of the wonders of the natural world.

Cloaked in white, the Emeraude Sayuri promises to takes visitors on the journeys of exploration to every corner of Ha Long Bay.

Emeraude Min

With a capacity of 40 guests, the Emeraude Min hosts 5-hour day cruises for international and domestic guests to explore some of the unique highlights of Ha Long Bay.

Emeraude Premium

Crafted primarily of wood, the Emeraude Premium features a traditional Asian aesthetic. The ship is designed to accommodate just 2 passengers, offering a quiet, romantic setting in HaLong Bay. Guests aboard the Emeraude Premium can create their very own itinerary, cruising the postcard-perfect sights of the bay. Alternatively, the dedicated, professional staff of the Emeraude Premium are always on hand to recommend the perfect itinerary in this world-famous destination.

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